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Having a tactical flashlight with you at all times may sound inconvenient. However, it is entirely reasonable and recommended. Darkness lurks around every corner, and you don’t want to be left stranded in the dark with no reliable source of light available. Whether it’s a natural emergency, a wild animal encounter, or merely a matter of feeling safe walking late at night – a tactical flashlight will always come in handy. And while the majority of them cost an arm and a leg, we have an attractive option for you, and it’s called Falcon Torch. This very lightweight and compact flashlight exceeds everyone’s expectations in terms of price and performance. Read more to find out why. Be safe, be prepared!


We are aware that your initial thought about tactical flashlight might be among the lines of “Why do I need one?” Indeed, tactical flashlights are commonly used by people working in police, security, military, or emergency response operations. Still, you can find a great use for it as well. Since the primary function of a flashlight is to provide light in the darkness, it is always a good idea to keep one with you at all times. Need to go down to the dark basement? Walking the dog late at night? Struggling to find something you need in a poorly-lit environment? A tactical flashlight is there to help you. You might argue that you have a flashlight on your smartphone but risking draining the battery is never a good idea. Besides, the flashlight in your phone may not suffice in lighting up larger areas. A tactical flashlight can also serve as a tool for self-defense. As silly as it sounds, it is true. Tactical flashlights are usually made out of military-grade materials and have strong edges to enhance their function as a striking tool. Contrary to popular belief, tactical flashlights are generally very lightweight. It doesn’t hurt carrying one around, and Falcon Torch is the best!


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum. Falcon Torch is made out of virtually indestructible material that is highly resistant to damage and ensures your gadget’s longevity.
  • 700 lumens. This feature speaks for itself – Falcon Torch is a very bright and powerful flashlight that you’ll definitely want in your pocket.
  • 5 operating modes. Falcon Torch has five modes of operation, meaning that you can find the best mode for any situation. This includes low mode if you don’t want to be seen or have sensitive eyes; medium mode to see well but avoid blinding others; high mode that allows seeing longer distances; strobe mode for regular flashes of light; and S.O.S mode for issuing signals for help using Morse code.
  • Powerful rechargeable Sony battery included. Now that is something you don’t get with every flashlight you purchase. Falcon Torch gives you a powerful rechargeable battery that ensures the performance of utmost quality.
  • Charger included. As if the battery alone wasn’t enough, Falcon Torch rewards you with a charger so that you don’t have to worry about finding the right one or replacing the batteries.
  • 100,000+ lamp life hours. Rest assured your Falcon Torch flashlight will last you a long time, given the exceptional lamp life span.
  • 200m beam distance. Falcon Torch’s light beam covers an impressive length of 200 meters, so you’ll definitely be able to see what you want even in the darkest environments.
  • Lightweight and compact. One of this flashlight’s main virtues is that it weighs a mere 107 grams and is 32mm in diameter and 130mm in length. Small enough to fit in a pocket and yet so powerful!
  • Beveled edge for practical defense. As we have mentioned before, you can use a tactical flashlight for self-defence in extreme situations, as well as for breaking glass in case of an emergency.
  • Multipurpose. Falcon Torch is ideal for every occasion. Whether you work in law enforcement or take delight in camping – Falcon Torch has you covered.


Is there even a question? Absolutely! Being packed with the most convenient features, Falcon Torch is never the one to disappoint. It is the definition of excellent performance, compactness, and power. And we haven’t even got to the best part! Unlike other tactical flashlights, Falcon Torch doesn’t cost you a fortune! It’s the best flashlight you can get at such a low price. See what the hype is about yourself!


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Falcon Torch is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.